Borgo Pinti in Florence and Street Style

We’re putting the spotlight on the Sant’Ambrogio district in Florence, where our Creative Director stays whenever he’s there. To be specific, it’s the street of Borgo Pinti and the surrounding area where he’s been able to call home in the past 5 years that he’s been there. It’s a very local, residential and non-touristy area, that’s why you’ll find the pictures below of Borgo Pinti to be quiet, peaceful and hustle and bustle-free. Well, that’s why our Creative Director chooses to stay there!

Along Borgo Pinti, you’ll find heritage renaissance buildings, quirky boutiques by local entrepreneurs, quaint, old school coffee shops, hip bars mixed with lane ways filled with edgy street art and graffiti. It’s a lovely juxtaposition, and it’s against this backdrop that our Creative Director did a few fashion street style shots as well.

One delightful highlight along Borgo Pinti is Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi. It’s such a wonderfully tranquil church, every time our Creative Director visits, it’s virtually empty. There’s a lovely courtyard just before you enter the church, it’s such a great spot for a pause, to gather the thoughts. Best of all, no tourists. During the last visit, he had the entire church to himself, he took his time to take in the beautifully crafted dome.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi Columns Street StyleOutfit credits: H&M Australia

In summary, Borgo Pinti makes the ideal location as a home base in Florence. If anyone is thinking of moving to Florence immediately or for retirement (we know our Creative Director has got that on his mind!), do not overlook this area. While writing this, our Creative Director is 4 weeks away to his next trip to Florence, and no surprises where he’ll be staying.

Outfit Credits: Vintage Blazer from MAS in Rome, Skivvy by Lowes Australia, H&M jeans, vintage Prada loafers, nylon shopping tote from Daiso

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