Our stint as a fashion and style columnist

We love all the marketing work that we do, but we’ve got a soft spot for editorial writing because we can slap our name (or our Creative Director’s name) on it loud and proud. We get to analyse, discuss and argue about issues in feature articles and opinion pieces that copywriting and marketing work very rarely allow.

During our time in Singapore, our Creative Director scored a stint as a fashion and style columnist for one of Singapore’s iconic homegrown men’s fashion magazines. How very Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, we thought. His first piece for the magazine should appeal to both men and women. There are style tips for guys plus a picture of Ryan Gosling for the ladies. No wonder he got to write quite a few more articles for the column after. AlvinChia_Counsel SM MAY13-page-001-1
If you’re having trouble reading from the image, you can download the pdf version here.

P.S. Special thanks to Boon, the Editor and Terence, the Features Editor of Style:Men magazine for the opportunity, support and advice.

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