Tailored Shots: Hertslet & Co. Bespoke’s A Few Good Men Project

During our recent stint in Singapore, we came across an independent bespoke menswear tailor that came up with a novel way to market his services that rivals any marketing campaign of the big brands. Ramon Hertslet of Hertslet & Co. Bespoke decided to pool his friends together, get them all suited up in outfits tailored specially for each of them, and then produce a series of Mad Men-esque images that are reminiscent of film stills.

image image_1 image_2 image_3

What are they talking about, where are they, where are they going next? The viewer is positioned like the invisible guest that’s given a ‘fly on the wall’ vantage point. Each picture seems to suggest its own narrative that’s only restricted to the viewer’s imagination.

There’s a sharp (the suits), sleek (the hair) and big budget (and style) look to the images, but without incurring the expensive price tag that goes with hiring top models. In fact, the use of “non-model”  friends adds an every man appeal to the brand and to the suits, which is exactly great marketing for a new brand: It appeals to everyone.

Tropical Singapore is hardly the place where you will imagine men to dapper up in 3 piece suits, but that’s where these images come in. If wearing the suits by Hertslet & Co. Bespoke makes a guy feel like “one of the boys” in the images, then the tropical weather is no sweat to the cool the wearer feels inside.

There’s even a video of the shoot, view it here.

P.S. Thanks to Shahreen for making the introduction to Hertslet & Co. Bespoke Clothier. Good to see you in the pictures too! And to Ramon Hertslet for sharing these images with us.

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