Visit to The Design Files Open House

The highlight of our past week has to be our visit to The Design Files Open House. The hugely popular design blog THE DESIGN FILES by Lucy Feagins has collaborated with selected artists, designer and retailers to furnish a two-storey Fitzroy dwelling that reflects the ethos of the blog. So it’s a droolsome, best of Melbourne showcase all housed under one roof, with everything in the house available for sale, which means you can literally “pick up ideas” and take them home with you.

We’re just waiting to see which is the first real estate company to adopt the idea for their own open houses, to partner with complementing companies, curate the items they use to doll up their properties and make them more inspiring to potential buyers, and at the same time, help promote the wares of the partners. This may help to break the tradition of having drab, “same old same old” rental furniture flooding the showhouses all over Australia.

In order not to spoil the fun by posting our own images of the house that we took, click here to see the house in its full glory in the original post from The Design Files.

The Design Files Open House  - View from the terrace showing Basil Bangs outdoor umbrellas
Enjoying the sun and the view from the second floor terrace of The Design Files House with the colourful Basil Bangs outdoor umbrellas in the foreground

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