Words that are good enough to eat

Nothing beats “yum” to describe good taste and good food but when writing copy to sell or market food, you need a greater vocabulary than these three effective letters. You only have to look at the comments made by the judges on the cooking reality series Masterchef Australia to know that particular words can conjure up tastes, textures and flavours. So when we were approached to translate the marketing copy for a new selection of blended yoghurt drinks from Mandarin into English, we relished the challenge to its last sip. See if our descriptions deliver the mouth-watering effect.Ideas Dispenser

Lychee Yoghurt Drink – Go livid over lychee! This local tropical fruit, famous for its sweet and crunchy flesh, is the essence of this refreshing thirst-quencher. Served with fresh lychee chunks and assorted jelly cubes for extra bite and flavour.

Dark Cherry Yoghurt Drink – With the sweet, intense flavour of fresh black cherries, it’s easy to be seduced by this tall, dark and handsome cocktail. Made with imported black cherries rich in iron, every sip is exquisite in taste and a toast to good health.

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  1. totally agree that yum just doesn’t cut it anymore when describing food. but seriously, since when has food become so complicated? depths of flavor, a hint of this and the undertones of that…

    i miss old skool…and priceless facial expressions when someone bites into something delish or unfit even for those with sandpaper tastebuds…


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