How hot or cool is your brand?

Daiso, the Japanese $2.80 shop in Melbourne is really a treasure trove full of promotional products, if you know how to unleash their marketing potential. For us, when we found this thermometer with its quirky cut-out numbers, we immediately wanted to give it away to our clients accompanied with a card that says:

“We’ll make your brand as hot or as cool as you want it to be”

Daiso Thermometer

Challenge yourself and visit the Daiso store in Melbourne at 313 Victoria Street Abbotsford and let us know if you do come across any other random object that beats our idea above.Ideas Dispenser

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  1. These same as the Jusco shops in Hong Kong I believe. This is a cool Promo Gift. Well spotted.

    If you would be interested to write guest blog for us would be happy to hear some more of your thoughts from Melbourne and link it back to your site.


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