Marketing gets too personal, again

We’ve previously discussed how marketing can get too intimate in an earlier post ‘Can marketing get too personal?‘. We’ve received a small flyer in our letterbox recently that shows the creepy effects (unintended we’re sure) of speaking in the first person to get close to the reader.

The big text above:


“Sorry I missed you”

can easily be mistaken for:


“Sorry, I miss you”

at a glance, which then conjures up images of an unrequited love stalker putting mysterious messages into letterboxes. Just think how much better it will read if it says:


“Sorry We Missed You”

Because the flyer is from the Heart Foundation, going with “We” is definitely more representative than the first person “I”. This example isn’t the biggest sin in copywriting, but why risk saying the wrong thing if you can avoid making a wrong impression altogether?

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