Talking fashion with STREETPEEPER

Big thanks to Melbourne e-newsletter for presenting ‘Talk Shop 001 – With Phil Oh from Street Peeper’ last Saturday, the first in the ‘Talk Shop’ Speaker Series held at the Thousands Shop, hosted by ThreeThousand editor Penny Modra.

It was a cosy evening with Phil Oh, who started Street Peeper in 2006 and travels the world to photograph the best dressed on the streets.
The talk turned into a very friendly conversation among the attendees on topics as diverse as jaded fashionistas being photographed too much by bloggers, fashion giants wanting to collaborate with bloggers for peanuts and models that leave the model dormitory because they got too fat.

Amidst the success of Street Peeper, Phil can still find the time to work on a brand new idea, his new website Snappetite which combines food and social media.

Overall, the talk was an up close look behind the success of a street fashion blog whose street value has gone far beyond the street, its influence going from online to offline. Truly, an entertaining hour by the very street-wise Phil, who we think will be set for greater things to come.

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