Don’t mince your words, play with them

At the dinner table, we’re told not to play with our food, but when it comes to copywriting, it’s definitely encouraged to play with our words.

Some of the best ad taglines are extremely clever with their play on words. Below are some recent notable examples:

Repco Auto: What an auto store, ought to be

(play on the sound of words)

Melbourne Eureka Skydeck: An experience above all else

(at 88 floors high, it literally is an experience above all else)

Creative Director Alvin Chia had the opportunity to play it up some years ago, helping the now defunct Carlton Crest Hotel Melbourne come up with a new tagline to accompany their new marketing collateral promoting their conference and convention services.

The hotel wanted to express that they had the experience to cater to any event, supported by a very strong events company that had the expertise and state of the art equipment to give any event that extra wow factor.

He played on the meaning of the word “Convention” to come up with a phrase that met the brief. 

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