Thinking outside the (parking) box

On a recent trip to Italy, Creative Director Alvin Chia was pleasantly surprised to encounter a PR/Marketing exercise that managed to outshine the many ancient architectural marvels that the country is so renowned for. On the most expensive shopping strip in Milan, Via Montenapoleone, Fiat literally did their best parallel parking with dummy models of its new Fiat 500 all along the street, where they doubled as oversized plant pots for the trees that lined the street.

This exercise has the kind of wit and charm to stop the customer who is heading hurriedly into Prada for that obscenely expensive limited edition alligator handbag, to be distracted and think of nothing but Fiat for that few seconds. The brand name literally would visualise in her head while she can’t help but smile at the installation. And that is the power of a truly good marketing idea: to drive your brand right into the heads of your potential customers.

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