Winter 2016 Restyle: Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio

So far we’ve never had any negative feedback about the way we’ve styled our #ConceptStudio, but it’s almost 2 years since we launched it and we’re not one to be complacent. The studio has to constantly measure up to the times, so we’ve done a restyle of the place – Winter 2016 edition!

It’s timely also that there have been some new additions to the public areas such as large numerals at the lift landing on each floor, in the below picture. The corridor walls appeared to have had a new coat of paint too, so the journey walking to our Concept Studio looks just that bit brighter and cleaner.

Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Home@Flinders Melbourne Studio by Ideas Dispenser 2016 lift landing landscape

Inside the studio, we’ve changed some of the soft furnishings going with a cosy, winter theme. Here is a list of what you can expect, in fact, our current guests there are enjoying these new additions right now:

  • There are some more adult style cushion covers, the quilt cover is slightly more winter cabin with its checked print
  • The forest print cushion also plays on the cosy, in the woods, cabin feel
  • The colour scheme is more muted, going with black, white and gray, very grown up
  • Some of the selection of artwork and prints have also been changed
  • There’s a new funky bedside table lamp with the exposed bulb and wooden base, adding to the cabin appeal again
  • Of course, how can anyone miss the tree trunk stool in the bathroom which is actually made of cardboard!
  • There’s also a new wire basket on the shelf that complements the turquoise colour of the desk chair, great for keeping loose random objects in one place

While the rest of the studio apartments in the block are still stuck in their generic student accommodation decor, we’re sprinting ahead in the style stakes, making sure we live up to the claim, that our #ConceptStudio is indeed the best in the block, worthy of being located on the hip and cool Flinders, Degraves Street precinct in Melbourne CBD.

For more information about our #ConceptStudio, visit


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