Before and After: Unit 911, 268 Flinders Street Melbourne – Making of the #ConceptStudio

For those who haven’t followed our progress leading up to the launch of our Ideas Dispenser #ConceptStudio, here’s proof of our makeover prowess on the studio apartment 911/268 Flinders Street Melbourne 3000, popularly referred to as the Home@Flinders building. Check out the BEFORE & AFTER pics below.We should really stop showing off now…

Before After Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Home at Flinders Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio Passage View

LET THERE BE LIGHT! Gone is that large, boxy overhead TV set and that ugly bulky wardrobe blocking the only window and source of light into the studio as you enter the studio apartment. What were the original interior decorators thinking?

Before After Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Home at Flinders Ideas Dispenser Concept Window Desk View

That window, and the only window in the studio draws you to it with the daylight, you really want your desk to be aligned towards it. You can read, study, handle your paperwork with natural light and with the window slightly open, feel really refreshed taking in some fresh air. The original desk just faces the wall, why would anyone position it that way?

We also chucked out all the dormitory style laminate shelving and went for open, pine shelves (that also serve as a TV cabinet) and bedside table with exposed sides and back that just look airier.

Before After Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Home at Flinders Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio Kitchen View

With the bulky wardrobe out of the way, it really frees up that passage way in the studio. The original pieces of furniture were just simply too boxy, bulky and angular, that’s why we tossed out the square dining table and went for a round table and stool to soften the edges in the room. The stool is easy to tuck away under the table to save space or moved around the room wherever seating is needed, it just functioned better than the very plain looking chairs there before.

Check our the below pics to see how else we’ve rejuvenated the space with colour, prints, patterns, textures, materials, lighting and plants.

We’re proud of what we’ve done to the studio, but we know it’s not a million dollar job and it’s not architecturally award winning; it’s STILL a makeover within a tiny budget. There’s a lot of IKEA, Bunnings Warehouse, Target, Kmart etc. But here is proof that you don’t need to spend big to make a big impact to a very tight space.

Now let’s recall what the other studio apartments in the building REALLY look like below. The choice is clear; we know which studio we prefer to live in, and it’s

The Age - Micro living in the big city is not for everyone

All images above of the studio 911/268 Flinders Street are the copyright of Ideas Dispenser. All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce without permission.

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