Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio: Unit 911, 268 Flinders Street Melbourne OPEN FOR INSPECTION

Facade Unit 911 268 Flinders Street Home@Flinders Melbourne Studio by Ideas Dispenser
Welcome to the Ideas Dispenser Concept Studio at 911/268 Flinders Street Melbourne, for rent and open for inspections NOW!

You don’t need a big budget to have an awesome marketing campaign, you also don’t need to spend big to live it up in style. Ideas dispenser Concept Studio at 268 Flinders Street Melbourne is an exercise in budget accommodation at amazing value (Hint: Never pay water or gas bills). The less you pay on rent and bills, the more you can spend on Melbourne CBD’s event-filled lifestyle that makes the city the most liveable year after year.

What is it?

An experiment in small, budget conscious, urban living that’s big on value and Melbourne’s enviable lifestyle. The team at Ideas Dispenser has swooped in to a tired studio apartment on 268 Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD and transformed it into a stylish and functional pad.

Carefully curated, furnished and styled by the Ideas Dispenser team with all the mod cons in a warm and homely setting. You simply have to add minor personal touches.

What we have done

We’ve maximised the use of space by creating distinct and functional corners. Study, read, sleep, cook or eat, it’s all well planned in a space no more than 20sqm. Amazing, we know, we’ve learnt from all the other world class cities in Europe that have succeeded in small, compact yet stylish living.

It’s a self contained, fully furnished with ensuite bathroom/shower/toilet haven right in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Step right in HERE.

All images above of the studio 911/268 Flinders Street are the copyright of Ideas Dispenser. All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce without permission.


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