How to do an in-store fashion event

We’ve been to in-store events in Singapore where the guests just turn up, gobble down all the food and drinks and leave without even touching a single product in the store or learning more about the brand. How is that effective events management, we scratch our heads and look at the PR people at these events? Who hired you guys?

When we were asked to hold an in-store event for a clothing brand, naturally we wanted to show the Ideas Dispenser difference/effectiveness in marketing. We managed to get EVERYONE to try on at least one piece of clothing, willingly, as we believed the customer that tries on an item, is in a better position to decide if he or she should buy the item. How did we do this? That’s our trade secret but, here’s how everyone enjoyed playing dress up, and they loved it so much, some even shared the pictures on Instagram.

P.S. Thanks to @shahreenbecks, @sakinah_meyers, @zunxd, @elizabethboon, @gwenjanelle, @daleyeoh, @jerontyw, @skimreyes, @seanseyfried, @satirical_imp. Ideas Dispenser





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